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Intelligent Cardiovascular Information System (iCVIS)

iCVIS is the application of advanced Decision Support and health
informatics to address the problems faced by today’s cardiologist.

The challenge – better patient management and increased productivity

The concept driving the development of an iCVIS is the application of Decision Support and Evidence Based Medicine to enable cardiologists to seek to achieve improved patient outcomes and patient safety, as well as increased productivity and better use of scarce clinical resources.

Access to an iCVIS system enables cardiologists to interact with current trends in the practice of medicine. Major developments include personalised medicine, meaningful use, electronic medical records and the emergence of the informed patient, one who is aware of patient rights and has ready access to medical apps, Internet sites and legal assistance.

Intelligent Cardiovascular Information System

Benefits at a glance

  • Faster iCVIS decision support saves significant time for the care team.
  • Safer Clinical risk is continuously monitored; risk notifications are automatically pushed to the care team.
  • High quality care iCVIS workflow automation ensures the follow-on care tasks necessary to implement decisions are executed in a timely manner.
  • Quality outcomes Evidence of better outcomes is self documented in the system.
  • Improved patient flow Delays and barriers are identified early and are easily mitigated.

Use of the iCVIS in a clinical setting – The Clinical Portal

In a clinical setting, the Decision Support based approach of an iCVIS involves the use of a Clinical Portal. The portal allows the cardiologist to access an integrated single screen presentation of all relevant patient information in real time. The Clinical Portal can present the cardiologist with an overview of critical information including patient history, current symptoms and problem list, allergies and alerts, pathology results, diagnostic images and reports and current medications.

The use of the iCVIS by the cardiologist enables a problem solving approach to patient management. The iCVIS can facilitate the creation of a complete and comprehensive personalised treatment plan which is based on patient history, presenting systems and recognition of the complexity of co-morbidities such as the presence of diabetes.

Access to an iCVIS enables the cardiologist to incorporate the concept of personalised medicine into patient management. The iCVIS has the ability to link problem lists and clinical pathways to ensure that all necessary investigation is performed in the correct sequence and that test results are recorded and any follow up actions completed.

Clinical Portal from Intelligent Cardiovascular Information System - iCVIS

The iCVIS and improved Patient Management and Patient Safety

The use of an iCVIS can enable a comprehensive approach to patient management and can assist a medical professional to ensure a higher level of patient safety. An iCVIS approach involves the consideration of the overall welfare and safety of the patient through the complete treatment cycle, involving admission, diagnosis, treatment, discharge and ongoing care. For example, through access to the electronic medical record, the medical professional can use the iCVIS to enable an overview of the history of diagnostic imaging tests, so that a medical professional reviewing the overview can take steps to minimise patient exposure to radiation over the course of investigations and treatments.

The iCVIS can also assist in patient safety by providing a tracking system so that a medical professional can create and maintain an audit trail to detect and act on any missed test results that may have arrived after the patient has been discharged. The iCVIS can also be used to keep track of the patient by enabling the professional to record that scheduled follow up visits to GPs have been completed, medication reviews have been conducted, and imaging examinations have been completed before scheduled outpatient attendances.

The use of Decision Support and cross referencing between clinical pathways and symptoms can ensure that treatment steps are not overlooked by allowing the medical professional to require the system apply automatic check lists. An iCVIS can also be used by a medical professional to undertake background and consistency checks to ensure that, for example, the medications being prescribed are recommended by the Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH) guidelines for the condition being treated and that there are no unintended consequences of multiple medications being prescribed. A basic concept of the iCVIS is the importance of the iCVIS being kept up to date with changes to treating protocols, drug / dosage / interaction recommendations and information.


Intelligent Cardiovascular Information System

The application of advanced Decision Support and health informatics
to address the problems faced by today’s cardiologist.

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