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Health Informatics & Clinical Information Systems

Alcidion’s Health Informatics Systems are built on a platform which layers a Clinical Decision Support System on our own and third party Clinical Information Systems’ functionality. Our platform includes powerful EMR Software, terminology support and standards based web services for data interoperability. Our solutions target key problems for Emergency Rooms, Inpatient Services and Outpatient Departments.
Emergency Department

Miya ED

Augment your existing EDIS with a set of clinical dashboards & ED whiteboards that allow your Emergency Room team to highlight key risks, activate best practice guidance for common problems and detect and manage high risk lab results that arrive after the patient has been discharged.
Inpatient Services

Miya Patient Flow

Use our Patient Flow Systems to keep everyone on the same page about demands on your hospital. By providing a platform that integrates a Mobile EMR, Bed Management Systems and a Clinical Information System that supports the workflows of doctors, nurses, allied health and bed managers, everyone can clearly communicate and seamlessly share information about the status of each patient.
Inpatient Services

Miya Clinicals

Save clinician time and reduce errors and unmanaged risks by integrating the Miya Clinicals suite of applications and services into your existing health IT infrastructure. Enable clinicians to respond faster to emerging risks by pushing this information to them on dashboard views.
Outpatient Clinics

Miya Clinic

Use our Outpatient Software to save clinical time and effort spent searching for relevant data during clinics, and optimize your outpatient processes from referral through to discharge ensuring that patients receive best practice, high quality care, while reducing clinical risk.  Connect our clinical OPD software with our referral management systems to provide holistic support for your administrative and clinical processes.
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