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Patient Flow

Creating a safer, more efficient patient journey

Patient Flow System – featuring a Mobile EMR and a Bed Management System

What is Miya Patient Flow ?

Miya Patient Flow System is an e-health guidance system that optimizes the patient journey for your patients by integrating powerful electronic journey boards, mobile EMR data capture, EMR software and an intelligent monitoring system. Highlight risk and notify clinicians to ensure changes to patient’s health and impediments to patient flow are managed before they impact on length of stay. Keep everyone on the same page about demands on your hospital by providing an integrated platform that supports the workflows of doctors, nurses, allied health and bed managers and allows them to seamlessly share information about the status of each patient.  Allow Access and Bed Managers to track hospital capacity and respond to demand issues wherever they are using the Miya Access mobile Bed Management System.
  • Reduce costs by more effectively tracking and managing discharge targets.
  • Improve care team productivity with integrated electronic journey boards.
  • Safer patient journeys by promoting best practice with eForms and Order Sets.

Designed for change

Miya Patient Flow is designed to improve your clinical processes from day one, without lengthy training or unnecessary complexity.
  • Intuitive user interfaces allow clinicians to learn how to use Miya Patient Flow with minimal disruptions to productivity.
  • Integrates data from your existing hospital systems – choose what gets entered in Miya Patient Flow vs your existing systems.
  • Leverage your existing bed management solution, or utilise Miya Access – a powerful tablet based solution.

Electronic Journey Boards

Provide visibility of each patient’s status to your whole team by integrating
information from your hospital’s information systems and augmenting
this with information that communicates impediments to patient flow
from our patient flow system. Push information to your clinical team by
using the system as an electronic white board, leveraging a user interface
which has been designed for display on large format televisions.

Department Metrics

Provide live summaries of the demands on your units and wards.

Miya Mobile: Mobile EMR

Provide your clinical staff with access to a comprehensive Electronic Medical Record wherever they are. Synchronise data entered on mobile devices automatically to electronic journey boards to ensure everyone has the same information.

Miya Smartforms ®

Prevent unnecessary duplication when filling out forms by utilizing our clinical
documentation system – and automatically populate forms with data from the
patient’s health record. Trigger forms to appear when clinical risks are detected.
Improve best practice compliance by providing guidance on which labs,
meds and nursing tasks need to be ordered.

Clinical Portal

The Miya Patient Flow system allows you to access key lab
and diagnostic imaging results, enter data into e-forms
and update information on the Electronic White Boards and
Mobile devices seamlessly via browser based EMR software.

Miya Access Bed Management System

Provide your bed managers with access to live bed management data on a mobile device via our Bed Management System, which integrates information from your Patient Administration System, Emergency Department Information System and the Electronic Journey Boards. Manage bed allocations and transfers in and out. Deal with capacity issues quickly by highlighting over and under allocated wards on a hospital dashboard. Drill down to individual patients to understand the specific reasons for delays.


Select only the elements of the Miya Patient Flow System that you need, or all of them.  Customize for your health service by adding features from other Alcidion products.

Data Interoperability

Extract data from the Miya Patient Flow System for
use in context epidemiological studies, or for
use in management reporting to third party
tools or your data warehouse.

Superior Support

Rely on the Miya Patient Flow System 24 x 7 with
backup from Alcidion’s elite customer support team.

Miya Patient Flow

Create a safer, more efficient patient journey


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