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Modern clinical messaging.

Upgrade to our secure healthcare messaging system to improve communication and save lives.

Much more than just a pager

Miya Smartpage secure healthcare messaging enables fast and accurate communication that improves the coordination of care.

Know immediately if a doctor has seen a message. Consider the benefits of a team collaborating on a patient in realtime, even when they aren’t in the same location. Envisage complete visibility of care coordination tasks, so you know what is happening, when – all from the convenience of a smartphone.

Miya Smartpage delivers:

  • 25% reduction in time savings through improved communication
  • Lightning fast delivery, with 98% of messages delivered in under 2 seconds
  • 100% message delivery guarantee

Miya Smartpage enables efficient, secure healthcare messaging, which results in better, faster decisions that improve care and save lives.

Reimagine communication, your team will thank you for it.

Staff at all the hospitals Smartpage has been installed in are 100% satisfied with the system.
Smartphone based secure healthcare messaging has enabled them to be more effective at their jobs, improving the patient’s experience and making the staff happier at work.

  • "It’s impossible to think about going back to a paging system when this is just so much more efficient."

    Kyle Perrin, Head of Medicine, Capital and Coast
    Kyle Perrin, Head of Medicine, Capital and Coast
  • "Smartpage is so good every hospital should be running with it."

    Jo-Anne Blomfield, Clinical Coordinator, Waitemata
    Jo-Anne Blomfield, Clinical Coordinator, Waitemata
  • "Our doctors are now saving up to 20 minutes of time per hour."

    Jonathan Christiansen, Head of Medicine, Waitemata
    Jonathan Christiansen, Head of Medicine, Waitemata
  • "This is the best thing they’ve ever done in this hospital."

    Waitemata Staff Nurse
    Waitemata Staff Nurse

A solution for every area of your hospital.

Utilise the comprehensive functionality smartphones provide to improve your hospital workflows. We have a solution for every area from managing orderly tasks, to communication with doctors and emergency care.

If slow communication is inhibiting your teams’ performance, introduce them to Miya Smartpage.

Miya Smartpage Clinical

Save 15 minutes every hour by replacing your pagers with a next generation web and smartphone healthcare messaging platform and watch your clinical team thrive.

  • Instant, secure two way secure healthcare messaging
  • Group chat and photo messaging enable in-depth communication
  • Workflow and productivity tools for overviewing and improving hospital operations
  • Comprehensive clinical handover and task sharing to improve care over shift changes
  • Easy to install cloud based technology
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Enable push notifications for important test results or vital signs

Miya Smartpage Orderly

Coordinate orderly tasks with ease, Smartpage Orderly is the next generation orderly management platform for e-ordering and mobile dispatch.

  • Streamline ordering with ward based electronic orderly requests
  • Improve efficiency with instant mobile dispatching
  • Simplify coordination with self and auto dispatch modes
  • Reduce double ordering with clear records give visibility into tasks all over the hospital
  • Audit trail for delays and cancellations to help improve task management
  • Reduce cost in areas like radiology, theatre and ED

Miya Smartpage Emergency

Reduce stress and repetition in emergency with reliable, immediate and detailed communication using Smartpage Emergency.

  • Replace your emergency pagers with a more useful system
  • Provide detailed messages to the emergency team, where ever they are in the hospital
  • Always know the status of a message with instant team read and activation receipts
  • Simple to install and use but with powerful results

Modern clinical messaging

Replace hospital pagers with our next generation smartphone communication, for fast and effective team work.

Productive, happy team

Remove the stress from communication and improve productivity, with up to 15 minutes per hour saved.

Guaranteed messaging

With a guaranteed 100% delivery rate and lightning fast message delivery, your team will never be left wondering.

Proven success

Tried and tested in four of New Zealand’s largest hospitals, with over one million messages sent per year.

A better hospital

Ensure your patients receive the best care with clear communication, instant collaboration and safe handovers.

Secure and encrypted

The patient’s privacy is paramount, we designed Smartpage with comprehensive data security measures.

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