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Leverage your existing clinical systems and mitigate clinical risks.

A suite of clinical applications built on an informatics platform

What is Miya Clinicals?

Save clinician time and reduce errors and unmanaged risks by integrating the Miya Clinicals suite of applications and services into your existing health IT infrastructure. Enable clinicians to respond faster to emerging risks by pushing this information to them on dashboard views. Provide decision support and remove unnecessary duplicate data entry from clinical workflows with Miya Smartforms, eliminating data entry errors and improving the quality of care by providing evidence based guidance contextually for each patient.
  • Provides clinical functionality and mechanisms to manage risk
  • No need to replace your existing health IT infrastructure

Designed for change

Miya Clinicals is designed to improve your clinical processes from day one, without lengthy training or unnecessary complexity.
  • Intuitive user interfaces allow clinicians to learn how to use Miya Clinicals with minimal disruptions to productivity.
  • Integrates data from your existing hospital systems – choose what gets entered in Miya Clinicals versus your existing systems.
  • Leverage your existing bed management solution, or utilise Miya Access – a powerful tablet based solution.

Results Management

Be aware of risks emerging from test results and communicate
to your clinical team that results have been seen.

Clinical Dashboards

Get an overview of your patients by specialty or location,
and focus in on emerging clinical risks.

EMR Lite

Leverage the clinical data you have in your health service
to provide a unified view of each patient.

PCEHR Compatability

Retrieve documents from the PCEHR, allowing your clinical teams to make
better decisions with more complete patient histories.

Mobile EMR

Provide your clinical staff with access to a comprehensive Electronic
Medical Record wherever they are. Synchronise data entered on mobile devices
automatically to web clients to ensure everyone has the same information.


Prevent unnecessary duplication when filling out forms – and automatically
populate forms with data from the patient’s health record. Trigger forms to appear when
clinical risks are detected. Improve best practice compliance by providing
guidance on which labs, meds and nursing tasks need to be ordered.


Select only the elements of the Miya Clinicals that you need, or all of them. Customize for your health service by adding features from other Alcidion products.

Data Interoperability

Extract data from the Miya Clinicals for use in context epidemiological studies, or for use in management
reporting to third party tools or your data warehouse.

Superior Support

Rely on the Miya Clinicals 24 x 7 with
backup from Alcidion’s elite customer support team.

Miya Clinicals

Leverage your existing clinical systems and mitigate clinical risks.

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