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Mitigate risks and streamline your outpatient department

Outpatient Software and Referral Management System

What is Miya Clinic ?

Miya Clinic Outpatient Software and Referral Management System saves clinical time and effort spent searching for relevant data during clinics, and optimises your outpatient processes from referral through to discharge ensuring that patients receive best practice, high quality care, while reducing clinical risk.
  • Improve productivity by putting clinical information for the day’s patients at the forefront.
  • Reduce time spent searching for lab and radiology results by placing this information front and centre on your patient list.
  • Reinforce best practice with smart e-forms that appear based on the patient’s current health state.
  • Reduce delays and avoid referrals slipping through the cracks by utilising an electronic referral management system for clinical triage and waiting list management.

Add efficiency, not complexity

Miya Clinic is designed to improve clinical workflows without adding overhead. Supercharge your clinical team by providing them with tools that help them
to improve quality of care without impacting on productivity.
  • Intuitive user interfaces allow clinicians to learn how to use Miya Clinic with without disrupting productivity.
  • Integrates with your existing hospital systems: Labs, Radiology (RIS/PACS), Administration System (PAS) , Emergency Information Systems and
    Outpatient Booking Systems, so your team can get a holistic view of the patient, all from one place.
  • Increase productivity by automating manual referral workflows, e.g. referral scanning using Clinic 4’s fax receiving system.

Referral Management System

Say goodbye to your filing cabinets! Manage referrals electronically:
  • Receive referral electronically, direct from GPs via fax or Secure Messaging,
    or scan and attach them.
  • Checkpoints to ensure minimum data requirements are met and
    clinical triage is effective.
  • Waiting list management.

Clinical Dashboards

Our Outpatient Software provides clinicians with a list of upcoming patients
for each session, shows whether patients have arrived, and summarizes key
clinical risks for patients. Get fast access to risk rated lab results and diagnostic
imaging results that have become available since the patient last visited.

Miya Smartforms ®

Prevent unnecessary duplication when completing clinical documentation –
and automatically populate forms with data from the patient’s health record.

Results Management

Communicate clearly to your team which test results have been acknowledged.
Identify which results have been acknowledged by other clinicians, allowing
your team to focus on the test results that are relevant to the current visit.


Select only the elements of the Miya Clinic system that you need, or all of them. Customize for your health service by adding features from other Alcidion products.

Data Interoperability

Extract data from Miya Clinic for use in context epidemiological studies, or for use in management reporting to third party tools or your data warehouse.

Superior Support

Rely on Miya Clinic 24 x 7 with backup from
Alcidion’s elite customer support team.

Miya Clinic

Mitigate risks and streamline your Outpatient Department.


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